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To follow updates to the site, bookmark the NEWS section!

This website was made to counter the lack of an easy to use database containing extended information about music for horn ensembles (three or more players with or without supporting instruments). It basically is a bibliography of horn ensemble music, at the moment limited to written information, but we would love to expand the database to contain sample pages and sample sound clips - or perhaps even free complete works and recordings!

So if you are a composer, arranger, or publisher, send us your material and we will put it on the site for the whole horn (and non-horn) world to see.  

For everybody else - we hope you enjoy the site and find many works you didn't even know existed.

Please bear with us for the moment, as the site is undergoing major improvements. We are aware of most of the problems, but if you think you have a great suggestion, do feel free to contact us.


How to use this site:

To view the database, please use the "Browse Works" and "Search Database" links above. The "News" section contains blog entries relating to site updates and other related news items, the most recent three of these entries are displayed below for viewing ease. "Information/FAQ" displays a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. To find out how you can help contribute to this site, please click the "Contribute" link. If you have any questions about the site, find something broken, or have general feedback to give, please click the "Contact Us" link to use the site's contact form.


Lack of recent activity

The lack of updates to the site were due to a doctoral dissertation in need of writing - additions to the site should commence some time in March 2011.


Musicforhorns is almost ready for the world!

While you will see more modifications to the functionality and layout of the site, most of the basics have been covered. This allows us to move on to data input.